Every projects starts with building a relationship. Light, in its highest and pure form, is something very personal and intimate. Therefor an in-person meeting allows me to ask a variety of questions in order to understand your needs and desires.

Design and process

  • Setting the design story and intention is the first step. The overall story will cary the project

  • Lighting Design through all phases SD, DD, CD, CA with high focus on user centric experience and aesthetic design language 

  • Concept development and creation of lighting design strategies, integration and communication with the design teams around the world

  • Overseeing full scale and to scale mock-ups throughout the project

  • Reviewing construction progress of lighting installation at project site and issue field reports to design team

  • Supervising and final aiming of light fixtures and lighting controls scene setting


Speaking and design sessions

  • Educating design teams and architects how to work with light

  • Coaching sessions how to integrate electric lighting design into architecture, spaces and exhibitions

  • Coaching design principles to transform every space into an experience