On a daily basis our cities and the perception of our environments is changing. One of the cities that keeps reinventing, adopting, learning and ever evolving is NYC. Experiencing the strongest shift during day and night - between reflective skyscrapers facades and private interiors - between the glowing confidence of reflection during the day and delicate intimate glow during the night. The veins of the city start to glow in between the canyons of structure. 49 is a lightart piece that tries to capture these strong moments between day and night and fades in and out, dims up and down, opens up and closes its facade. When light and materials come together in a way, to create something meaningful.

49 is the number of glowing tubes we positioned inside the cube.

Team: Kama Wybieralska, Mikolaj Molenda, Michael Thai, Thomas Mnich                    

Position: Lighting Designer

Location: New York City, USA 2015    

Photos: Kama Wybieralska, Thomas Mnich